Additional notes

Thanks to Andrew Challen:

Thanks for helping me setup wxWidgets with Eclipse in Windows and Ubuntu I did this in Ubuntu first, then Windows XP which was much harder but I found and fixed a problem not covered in your notes, detailed below if you are interested. [...]

after getting 'compile settings' with wx-config --cxxflags in mingw the paths need modifying to C:\ style instead of msys /c/ style and with 'build settings' e.g.

-I/c/wxWidgets-2.8.10/lib/wx/include/msw-unicode-release-static-2.8 -I/c/wxWidgets-2.8.10/include -I/c/wxWidgets-2.8.10/contrib/include -D__WXMSW__ -mthreads
-L/c/wxWidgets-2.8.10/lib  -mthreads  -Wl,--subsystem,windows -mwindows /c/wxWidgets-2.8.10/lib/libwx_mswu-2.8.a -lwxregexu-2.8 -lwxexpat-2.8 -lwxtiff-2.8 -lwxjpeg-2.8 -lwxpng-2.8
-Ic:\wxWidgets-2.8.10\lib\wx\include\msw-unicode-release-static-2.8 -Ic:\wxWidgets-2.8.10\include -Ic:\wxWidgets-2.8.10\contrib\include -D__WXMSW__ -mthreads
-Lc:\wxWidgets-2.8.10\lib  -mthreads  -Wl,--subsystem,windows -mwindows c:\wxWidgets-2.8.10\lib\libwx_mswu-2.8.a -lwxregexu-2.8 -lwxexpat-2.8 -lwxtiff-2.8 -lwxjpeg-2.8 -lwxpng-2.8

Also, and this had me stuck for ages my program would not link properly claiming it couldn't find many libraries to solve:

in Eclipse->Project->Properties->C/C++ Build->Settings->Tool Settings->MingW C++ Linker->Miscellaneous->Expert settings Change from ${COMMAND} ${FLAGS} ${OUTPUT_FLAG}${OUTPUT_PREFIX}${OUTPUT} ${INPUTS} to ${COMMAND} ${INPUTS} ${FLAGS} ${OUTPUT_FLAG}${OUTPUT_PREFIX}${OUTPUT}

${INPUTS} at the end simply didn't work![...]